Everything you need to know in order to win the monopoly game at mcdonalds.

Monday, October 16, 2006

How to get free pieces 2006

Official rules

And now, without further ado, I present the guide my updated guide for 2006...
"How to get Best Buy Bucks, and make a profit at it." v2

By requesting game pieces by mail, you will actually come out ahead with best buy bucks. Here is how it would break down...

Example: 100 requests for game pieces. (you can make requests as often as you like, but NO mechanical means can be used to address the enveloples, do it by hand) Each request will net you One (1) Game Piece and One (1) Chance Piece. You WILL get either a $1 or $5 BB Buck and you might win something else with the other piece (food, other prize, or nothing)

Given that you have a 1 in 12.4 chance of getting a $5 BB buck, here is what you can expect to get back.

Worst Case: $100 BB Bucks
Best Case: $500 BB Bucks
Probable Case Based on Odds in Rules: (Eight $5 Bucks & Ninety-Two $1 Bucks) $132 BB Bucks (Note: this average is down $33 from 2005).

Cost to send 100 submissions:
Number 6 envelopes can be had from many drug stores on sale for 300 for $1. Add tax and you have $1.08. You will need 200 envelopes, as you need one to send in and one that they will send back. Total Cost: $0.72

Stamps: You will need 200 stamps. $0.39 each (up from $0.37 in 2005 )
Total Cost: $78.00

Complete COST: $78.72
So, using the probable outcome I discussed above. You will most likely gross $132 BB Bucks, subtract your costs ($78.72), which leaves you with $53.28.

In other words, you are most likely going to save 40.36% on your purchase at BB.
(78.72/132=0.5963, 1.0-0.5963=40.36%)

Now this is assuming your time is free, which it may or may not be. Consider this, if you only fill out the senders field (the TO field).
Writing the McDonnalds address took me about 45secs. Writing my address took about 25 secs. Total, 70 secs times 100 entires equals 1hr and 57 minutes. Given the figures above, you are making about $27 an hour doing this. Not bad!

Keep in mind, the max amount of BB Bucks that can be redeemed per day (and therefore per purchase) is $200. So, the sweet spot for submissions would be no more than 152 requests.

Finally, this is not meant to be a waste of time. I would rather not spend more money and eat a ton of unhealthy food in order to win something in this contest. Before you get that 100 roll of stamps, you better get your mind set on what you want to spend it on at Best Buy and ask yourself these questions...
1. Is it excluded by the rules for purchase with BB Bucks?
2. Can I get it for 43% off elsewhere?
3. Am I ready to spend 2 hours writing on envelopes?

Also, it is more fun finding loopholes in the game that will benefit you.


2006 game important information

The online game starts October 3, 2006 at 12:00:00 a.m. EDT and continues until November 14, 2006 at 11:59:59 p.m. EST.

Even if you dont get the super rare pieces you can play the online game with the code on your game piece at www.playatmcd.ca

Other great monopoly related sites:


2006 monopoly game rare piece list!

#3601 - Mediterranean Avenue
#3604 - Vermont Avenue
#3608 - Virginia Avenue
#3610 - Tennessee Avenue
#3612 - Kentucky Avenue
#3616 - Ventnor Avenue
#3620 - Pennsylvania Avenue
#3622 - Boardwalk
#3626 - Short Line

Mediterranean Avenue - Win $50
Vermont Avenue - Win $500
Virginia Avenue - Win $1,000
Tennessee Avenue - Win $1,500
Kentucky Avenue - Win $5,000
Ventnor Avenue - Win $10,000
Pennsylvania Avenue - Win $50,000
Boardwalk - Win $1,000,000 ($50,000 per year for 20 years)
Short Line - Win $5,000,000 ($250,000 per year for 20 years)