Everything you need to know in order to win the monopoly game at mcdonalds.

Monday, October 20, 2008

RARE PIECES 2008 Monopoly GAME

Brown-----Mediterranean Avenue-----$100
Black (Railroads)-----Short Line-----$500
Light Blue-----Vermont Avenue----$1,000
Pink-----Virginia Avenue-----$2,000
Orange-----Tennessee Avenue-----$5,000
Red-----Kentucky Avenue-----$10,000
Yellow-----Ventnor Avenue-----$25,000
Green-----Pennsylvania Avenue-----$50,000
Gold----Golden Avenue---$100,000
Blue-----Boardwalk-----$1,000,000 (Annuity)

The rare pieces are the ones that are alphabetically last in the group.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Monopoly Game Returns October 7, 2008!

And the McDonald's Monopoly blog is here to cover it!

Some preliminary things tips and information I have for monopoly players this year:

1 - Ask for takeout, the paper bag that the meal comes in has a FREE CODE on it on the side!

2- Coffee's have two game tickets on them if they are medium or larger! Plus the egg McMuffin and Coffee for $2 special is back and is probably the cheapest way to get tickets.

3- Now if you stop on GO!, the Treasure Chest/Question Mark or the CAR square on the online game board you win $100, $200 or $300 instantly.

4- Don't forget to ask for your playing board. It now has individual pockets for you to put your game pieces in. I prefer this to the old stick on game pieces that would fall off all the time.

Email me if you have any more tips or tricks for this years monopoly game @ fliggyf@gmail.com